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Banking, Insurance, lending, or investing, financial service advisors are entrusted with the care of a given client’s assets and accounts wherein the client expects their relationship to yield high personal gain. Yet financial service companies are constantly struggling to differentiate their product portfolio from competitors. By facing such a high degree of competition, most firms are placing various focus on the client relationship itself.

In such a recent financial Industry outlook, Apptivo comes up with several modernized and simplified financial solutions that helps financial service company generate new opportunities, maximize current customer relationship and streamline day to day transaction.

  • CRM
  • Projects
  • Invoices
  • Expenses Reports
  • Ledger


Customer Relationship Management solution helps financial service companies to build new relationships and increase the value of current customers through sales and marketing tool, data driven contact management and automation of workflows. Apptivo provides unique customization and generally provides closer integration with financial accounts.

Common features of CRM

  1. Contact Database
  2. Lead Management
  3. Opportunity Management
  4. Sales Pipeline
  5. Calendar and Task Sync
  6. Automated alerts and Notifications
  7. Collaboration Tools
  8. Document Management
  9. Mobile Application Compatibility


With more demanding customers, the financial companies is in the position to address the needs of customers who represent the operations which resulted in a highly demanding project environment that requires management to deliver their superior services to customers.

Apptivo addresses this with better visibility across project activities and portfolios, resource utilization and documents facilitating the tracking and reporting of project progress and costs.

Common features of Projects

  1. Project Planning and Gantt Chart
  2. Time and Expense Tracking
  3. Social Team Collaboration
  4. Budget Management
  5. Project Tracking
  6. Dashboards and Reporting


Apptivo enables you to remove the most manual element of billing and then helps to track the status of an invoice sent. Online invoicing provides an overview of invoices that has been paid and issued which will be efficient in tracking the client payments and also recording financial transaction.

Common features of Invoices

  1. Recurring Invoices
  2. Online Payment Gateway
  3. Export to Quickbooks
  4. Recording Customer Payment
  5. Track Overpayment

Expense Reports

We make it easy to capture the expenses so that you can reduce the time spent on accounting. Now, you can quickly add cash expenses to an expense report, capture and upload receipts. This provides you the easiest, fastest and safest way to reimburse expenses that facilitates quick approval flow and reimbursements.

Common features of Expense Reports Software

  1. Easy Auditing
  2. Tracking Employee Reimbursements
  3. Document Management
  4. Collaboration activities
  5. Intuitive Reports


Apptivo Ledger app provides automated financial reporting. Also, we provide features for effective management control and real time visibility to financial results that helps you to improve the bottom line. This enables financial companies to summarize their journal entries at a single glance.

Common features of Ledger

  1. Tracking Recurring and Allocation Journals
  2. Capture and Report on any number of Currency
  3. Profitability Analysis
  4. Analyze Financial Statements
  5. Recording Reconciling Balances

The above mentioned apps can also be adapted for the other types of business like,
Business Consultant