What is the best optometrist CRM software?

I am an Optometrist looking for business management software that helps to manage patient details, billing receipts, and other tasks. What are applications does Apptivo suggest that would do well for my company? With over 65+ applications, it’s hard to know which apps will assist me.

Apptivo’s Perfect Solution:

Apptivo can certainly offer the application you need, but a few of the apps won’t apply to your type of business. Optometry is a health care profession concerned with the health of the eyes and related structures, as well as vision, visual systems, and vision information processing in humans.

How to set up my Optometrist CRM software?

  • Sign up: Click on the sign up option to get started with Apptivo.
  • Set up your Business Profile: Set up your Business name, Location, Timezone, and Phone Number.
  • Add your Apps: Choose the apps like CRM apps and invoice from the list. Later on, you can add more apps from the apps store.
Optometrist CRM

Let us see how Apptivo apps work with your business.

1. CRM

Customer Relationship Management is an important aspect of every organization. Satisfying patients are the winning secret of efficient CRM. Manage all you’re existing and new patients in one place, track and build relationships with them. Automatically capture all your leads using web forms, convert them as customer, contact & opportunity. Track all your patient cases and support them. Store all your patient contacts to inform about free eye checkups or send a newsletter with eye tips.

Use Apptvio’s Integrated Business Suite. Lead> Customer> Contact> Opportunity.

Business Suite

  • Contacts: Use the Contacts app to store all your patients’ details like phone number, email address, and more. Navigate to get started guide and learn more about the Contacts app.
  • Customers: Use the Customers app to store all your patient information including contact details. Navigate to get started guide and learn more about the Customers app.
  • Cases Store patient records in the Cases app. If it’s an emergency eye problem, make it a high priority. Describe that eye injury and assign it to the duty doctor. Navigate and get started guide to learn more about the Cases app.
  • Leads: Navigate to get started guide and learn more about the Leads app.
  • Opportunities: Navigate to get started guide and learn more about the Opportunities app.

2. Web Presence

Making your services visible to the world, create a free trusted business page from Apptivo, and get trust from your patients. Create a business website and make your online presence to update about new techniques on eye surgery, and update other useful info through the Blog page. By the way, your services will reach the world through an online presence.

  • Standard Business Website: Create a Business Website to explore your services to the world. Update your business info through the blog.

3. Financials

Financial maintenance is a vital part of all service industries. Invoice or customer payments apps help to record the patient payment details and issue them a receipt.


  • Invoices: Generate an Invoice or issue a sales receipt to the patients for medical expenses. Navigate to get started guide to learn more about the Invoices app.
  • Customer Payments: This app helps to store all your customer payments, it will automatically record if it’s been captured through payment gateways, though you could record customer payments manually. Navigate to get started guide to learn more about the Customer Payments app.
  • Also, depending on your business size and the organization, you might be interested in these app categories:

    Other Similar Business Types:

    • Orthoptists
    • Ophthalmic Photographer
    • Ophthalmologist
    • Optical glassmaker
    • Vision Experts
    • Optical Engineers
    • Dentists
    • ENT

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