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Generally, Apptivo offers 40+ business apps to all types of companies but some of our apps will not fit to your company. Let’s elaborate on how our apps will be used in auto upholstery business.

Auto Upholstery Business Flow:

Upholstery repairs can apply to many components of a car’s interior. Below are the apps which would help you to grow your business,


  • Leads
  • Leads app helps to save the customer’s name who would be interested to have a service with you.

  • Contacts
  • Once the leads is created and they are agreed to have a auto upholstery service with you then the leads will be converted to Contacts.

  • Customers
  • Then contacts will be converted to Customers to track the details auto upholstery service customer’s name, address, phone number and email in order to reach them for any requirements in future.

  • Service Work Orders
  • After the details of the particular customer is added the service work order is created for them and with that order the work will be done.

  • Cases
  • Cases app is used to track the issues or feedback from the customers against the upholstery business done to them

2. Supply Chain

  • Orders
  • Orders app is used to record the orders of the spare parts that you wish to supply from your suppliers for your upholstery business.

  • Inventory Management
  • You can have a track of your items for your business and gives you the quantity list of the other spare parts.

  • Suppliers
  • Suppliers app will help you to track the suppliers who would be supplying the materials for the upholstery service

3. Financials

  • Invoices
  • This app helps to track the invoices for the upholstery services that you rendered to your customers. Here, you can have view of paid and unpaid invoices also the net dates to settle the amount.

  • Ledger
  • This app helps to record the financial transactions which concludes with the profit or loss of upholstery business.

Also, depending on your business size and organization, you also might be interested in these app categories.


The marketing app helps to promote your upholstery business in your industry.

Human Resources

The Human Resources app is used to track the database of all the employees in a organized way.

Other Similar Business Types:

The above mentioned apps can also be adapted for the other types of business like,

Auto Repair
Furniture Upholstery

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