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Contracts Software Features

CRM sales pipeline

Customer contracts

Generate a customer contract directly from the Customer record and send the contract out within minutes.

Supplier contracts

Sending a supplier contract has never been simpler. Take a pre-existing template and it will automatically pull the new supplier info into place.
CRM conversion fields
web lead capture CRM

Workflow for approvals

Sending, approving and starting work can happen within minutes instead of days. Saving you and your customer time.

Perfect for any business

"We've looked at many CRM solutions, and none were as fast and easy."
- Todd Schager

Which Solution is Right for You?


A simple online CRM system to store contacts, reminders, files, and communication history. If your business grows and you need more apps, feel free to add them from the App Store at anytime.


Manage your sales pipeline, stay on top of employee activities, and close more deals.

CRM & Billing

Track your sales and easily convert them into invoices to get paid quickly!