Apptivo Release Updates for November 03, 2018 – CRM, Financials, Supply Chain & Collaboration

Posted on 4:18 am, November 15, 2018 by agilbert


An integral part of Apptivo advancement lies in always delivering new features and feature updates constantly. We make it simpler for you to be more profitable and successful by giving you a brief explanation of all the new features rolled out on November 03, 2018. Feature Updates – November 03, 2018 Bell Notifications Global Search…

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Easy Cheats to Get Your First 50 Email Subscribers

Posted on 10:04 pm, November 12, 2018 by Grace Douglus

Character illustration of people with internet message icons

Whether you’re trying to sell information or products, email newsletters can bring incredible results. It’s not always easy, building an email subscriber list. And it’s certainly not easy to reach your first 50 subscribers. So, the question remains… Where do you begin? If you’re a beginner, building an email subscriber list can seem daunting at…

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4 Common Misconceptions About CRM

Posted on 7:52 pm, November 8, 2018 by Grace Douglus


Many companies have misconceptions about CRM. Maybe because it can do so much there is an automatic assumption that CRM must be expensive or hard. Some misconceptions, lurking around the corner, might even thwart your idea to implement a CRM. To put everything to rest, we’ve made a list of common misconceptions we came across…

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5 Tips To Craft The Click-Worthy Blog Title

Posted on 11:44 am, October 22, 2018 by Grace Douglus


Every blog deserves a great title. You know they’ve got to be right to attract the audience you want. Writing content nowadays has become more complex. It is not just the quality of the post, but also the way you present it to your audience, which profoundly depends on the title. So, follow the tips…

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4 Tips to Write a Subject Line that Doesn’t Suck

Posted on 12:47 pm, October 15, 2018 by Grace Douglus


Writing effective subject lines for email campaigns isn’t easy. It puts a lot of pressure. If your subject line sucks then no one is gonna open it, read it, and won’t convert! As simple as that. Now that we’ve understood the importance of subject lines, this blog is gonna help you write the best subject…

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The Art of Running a Paperless Office

Posted on 4:15 pm, October 11, 2018 by Grace Douglus


The term “paperless office” was coined half a century ago and was extensively used by IBM during its early days as a marketing slogan. The world has changed a whole lot than it was 50 years ago. We’re now in the age of cloud technology – online spreadsheets, word documents, presentations, iPads, and whatnot. We…

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5 Best Landing Pages You Should Copy Right Now [With Images]

Posted on 9:41 am, October 10, 2018 by Grace Douglus


It’s OK to learn from experts when we’re trying to improve. They must be doing something right, that’s worth mimicking. Or else, how would they be doing so well right? Landing pages exist to convert visitors into customers and there is no one right method to design a landing page. It takes time, a whole…

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4 Must-have Features for a Project Management Software

Posted on 10:50 am, October 9, 2018 by Grace Douglus

Illustration of brainstorming teamwork

If you’re looking for a project management tool for your team, check out this list of things to keep in mind to land on the right one. Everybody knows what a project management tool is for. There are so many things to plan, manage, organize and without some kind of a management tool it is…

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5 Tools Every Marketer Should Use in 2018

Posted on 10:18 am, October 8, 2018 by Grace Douglus

Top 5 Tools for Marketers 2018

In 2018, there are tons of online tools which you can use to monitor, analyze, track, and optimize your marketing strategies. In this article, we will talk about five savvy, tried-and-tested marketing tools which can help improve your marketing activities by leaps and bounds. Apptivo Campaigns | Email Marketing Apptivo Campaigns is a free email…

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Supercharge your business with CRM – Telephony integration

Posted on 12:04 pm, October 4, 2018 by Grace Douglus

Supercharge your business with CRM-Telephony integration

APPTIVO CRM – TELEPHONY INTEGRATION BRINGS YOUR COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM INSIDE APPTIVO TO HELP SALES TEAM ACHIEVE ONE COMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER SUCCESS PLATFORM. Engaging with leads/prospects is a top priority for any sales team. The more prospects they reach, the more opportunities, and more revenue. If you use Apptivo to save the leads generated by your marketing…

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