Sales Automation Vs Marketing Automation: Comprehend the differences

Posted on 2:50 am, December 30, 2022 by R P Jagdeeswari

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1. The pros and cons of sales automation and marketing automation 2. What’s the Difference: Sales Automation Vs Marketing Automation 3. Summing up As a business owner, one must use growth hacks to enhance sales and marketing procedures. To motivate consumers to perform the desired activities and keep them engaged, it is critical to send…

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Effective lead nurturing campaign

Posted on 8:41 am, December 26, 2022 by R P Jagdeeswari


1. Importance of nurturing your leads 2. Components of a lead nurturing strategy 3. ROI of a successful lead nurturing program 4. How to plan, implement, and optimize your lead nurturing program in 4 simple steps? 5. Wrapping up New Year is round the corner! People are looking forward to taking resolutions like every year….

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Guide to CRM Lead Management

Posted on 8:27 am, December 26, 2022 by R P Jagdeeswari


1. Leads Leads everywhere? 2. Why is CRM lead management important? 3. Lead management process 4. Best practices in Lead management 5. Benefits of Lead Management using Sales CRMs 6. Summary Leads Leads everywhere? Like water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink, sometimes businesses feel that there are leads, leads everywhere but not…

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How to nurture sales leads to conversion?

Posted on 11:42 pm, December 25, 2022 by R P Jagdeeswari

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1. Lead nurturing generates revenue in turn! 2. Nurture leads 3. What are warm leads? 4. Warm leads Vs Cold leads 5. Warm leads Vs Hot leads 6. How to turn warm lead hot? 7. What exactly is Lead nurturing? 8. How to nurture sales lead to conversion? 9. Summary Lead nurturing generates revenue in…

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Benefits of using Automation to Boost Sales and Marketing

Posted on 10:23 pm, December 21, 2022 by R P Jagdeeswari


1. Best sales automation examples 2. How does Sales automation help the sales team to boost sales? 3. Best Marketing Automation Examples 4. How does Marketing automation help the business? Creating efficient sales and marketing workflows eliminates the need for repetitive tasks. For this reason, businesses require sales and marketing automation, which will enable them…

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How to best use the Help desk for enhancing customer support?

Posted on 3:18 am, December 16, 2022 by R P Jagdeeswari


The magic of Automation 1. Applications & features of Help desk 2. Benefits of using help Desk 3. Summary Help desk is a tool that allows support agents to interact with customers, follow-up and resolve queries. Research says most support provided is either late or does not give an apt solution and even in some…

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Posted on 4:02 am, December 15, 2022 by R P Jagdeeswari


1. Identify leads to channelize efforts 2. Lead qualification 3. MQL 4. SQL 5. Learn MQL & SQL difference through example 6. Why is knowing the difference important? 7. Lead Score 8. Transitioning a Lead from MQL to SQL 9. Summary Identify leads to channelize efforts In the modern world, it is obvious to witness…

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Robust Field Service Management Using Help Desk Software

Posted on 5:31 am, December 12, 2022 by R P Jagdeeswari


Does your business require you to conduct transactions, use equipment, and provide services out in the field? If the answer is yes, one of the smartest investments you could make is in a Field Service Management system (FSM). At scale, FSM will help to be organized and is essential for effective and efficient management of…

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How automation helps nurture and manage leads

Posted on 9:29 pm, December 7, 2022 by Sandra

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The magic of Automation 1. Manage leads from forms and registrations 2. Use surveys to nurture leads and customers 3. Nurture mailing list subscribers 4. Follow up with event attendees 5. Automate email responses 6. Scale lead nurturing and lead management with Apptivo CRM “The first rule of any technology used in a business is…

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B2B Lead nurturing: Learn how to close more deals

Posted on 3:53 am, December 7, 2022 by R P Jagdeeswari


Nurture Leads to grow faster An important question in a world obsessed with customer experience, customer satisfaction, customer delight and customer retention is, what influences the outcome and how to ensure the same? Curating every interaction at every touch point has been the time-proven method to ensure better conversions and overall customer satisfaction. In other…

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