How to develop a CRM strategy for an organization

Posted on 10:54 am, July 1, 2022 by Creative Team

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Introduction CRM (customer relationship management) is a technology that manages the customer interactions and helps build superior customer relationships. CRM helps to streamline the entire business processes and expedites productivity to a greater extent. All the information present in the CRM software keeps the functionality across multiple departments in an aligned manner. CRM helps to…

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Five best free CRMs for Real Estate

Posted on 10:32 am, June 30, 2022 by Creative Team

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Introduction A real estate CRM is a customer relationship management solution that helps to manage all the interactions in the real estate environment with both the leads and the clients. The CRM tools help the realtors with their day to day activities and reduce manual efforts to a larger extent. There are a lot of…

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Why is customer connection important?

Posted on 10:14 am, June 30, 2022 by Creative Team

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Introduction Customer connection plays a major role in the sales cycle. The sales cycle starts and ends with the customer. The goal of every business is to connect with the customers in an effective way. Customers want to have a good experience during the buying process and only those customers are likely to buy from…

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Importance of CRM for lead management

Posted on 11:09 am, June 27, 2022 by Creative Team

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Introduction When it comes to lead generation, a lot of channels can help generate more leads for your business. Be it a social media campaign or a television ad. What you need to know more is how CRM works best for the start up firm to grow their business. Before that, we need to know…

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Posted on 5:24 am, June 27, 2022 by Creative Team

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Introduction Over the years, the healthcare industry is gaining prominence and becoming competitive. With many applications in the healthcare market, patients are highly informed, thus demanding superior and prompt customer service in the forthcoming years. What is Healthcare CRM? The healthcare CRM solution is a well designed software solution for healthcare institutions such as hospitals….

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Types and Importance of CRM

Posted on 9:25 am, June 22, 2022 by Creative Team

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Introduction In the digital era, everything is centered around the customers, and the customers’ preferences dictate the product, sales and marketing strategies. So, it is essential to understand what the customers want, and communicate with them accordingly. Understanding customers is more than just guess work. It requires facts based on extensive data on customer searches,…

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Apptivo Product Updates as of June 22, 2022

Posted on 6:06 am, June 22, 2022 by Creative Team


Make your Business Story a Success Story! Apptivo is the best CRM solution for your business with affordable plans, regardless of the size of your business. We have the most advanced and professional support team who guides you through the app with ease. Our development team makes our product advanced and innovative. We have released…

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What is CRM? Why do businesses need a CRM system?

Posted on 2:59 am, June 22, 2022 by Creative Team

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Introduction The online space provides a vast scope for businesses to connect with customers better and sell products and services far and wide. While it presents innumerable opportunities, there are some tough challenges as well – a vast pool of customers from any demographic group or geographical location is readily available for a business to…

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What is project management and why is it important?

Posted on 7:54 pm, June 20, 2022 by Creative Team

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Accepting projects and completing them within the specified time and budget are the most important factors that determine the success of an organization. In order to complete the projects to satisfaction of the stakeholders within the specified time and budget, a project needs to be extensively planned and executed with skillful management of the various…

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Why is CRM important? 8 key benefits of CRM software.

Posted on 4:33 am, June 15, 2022 by Creative Team


All About Key Benefits of CRM Software 1. Why is CRM important? 2. 9 reasons why CRM is important for an organization 3. 8 key Benefits of using a CRM software 4. CRM Vs Excel In a competitive business world, where managing smooth customer interactions is essential for customer retention, customer relationship management is a…

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