Apptivo Product Updates as of June 09, 2022

Posted on 1:59 am, June 9, 2022 by Creative Team


Welcome to What’s New in Apptivo. Apptivo has enhanced the existing feature in Importing. You can add multiple territories for contact while importing. The import feature in apptivo plays an important role because it helps you to import the records from other sources to Apptivo. By using this feature you don’t have to enter contact…

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Finding the CRM that works best for startups

Posted on 4:42 am, June 8, 2022 by Creative Team


All About CRM for startup 1. What is a CRM? 2. How does CRM benefit startups? 3. What are the challenges CRM poses for startups? 4. How to determine which CRM is right for a startup? 5. Conclusion Working at a startup comes with its own challenges. Deciding on the CRM that works best can…

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ERP and CRM: Differences and Benefits

Posted on 4:23 am, June 6, 2022 by Creative Team


All About ERP vs CRM 1. What is ERP? 2. What is CRM? 3. What is the difference between ERP and CRM? 4. How does ERP benefit companies? 5. How does CRM benefit companies? 6. Conclusion What is ERP? ERP (enterprise resource planning) software helps improve the efficiency of all business processes through automation and…

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What are the Features and Benefits of Cloud CRM

Posted on 4:25 am, June 1, 2022 by Creative Team


All About Cloud-Based CRM 1. What is a Cloud-Based CRM? 2. Features of a Cloud-Based CRM Compared to Traditional On-Premise CRM 3. The Best Reasons to Use a Cloud-Based CRM 4. Make the Switch! Hearing about the cloud surely isn’t new to a lot of people. Nope! It’s not the ones above floating in the…

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What is customer relations – Importance and tips to improve.

Posted on 2:52 am, May 31, 2022 by Creative Team

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All About Customer Relations 1. Introduction 2. What is customer relations? 3. Who is responsible for customer relations in a company? 4. Why is customer relations important? 5. Customer relations vs Customer service 6. Steps to take to build lasting customer relations 7. 5 Tips to improve customer relations 8. Conclusion Introduction ‘Customer is king’…

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What is Sales? A quick guide.

Posted on 3:58 am, May 30, 2022 by Creative Team


Define Sales ‘Sales’ is the term used to describe all activities involved in selling a product or service to a consumer or business. There’s a lot that goes into a sales process – from sourcing prospects, to building relationships, to keeping the relationship going – all with the sole aim of coming up with solutions…

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Who is a manager? What are the roles and responsibilities of a manager?

Posted on 5:05 am, May 27, 2022 by Creative Team


A manager is a person who manages a team of employees in an organization. Often, managers get the work done from the employees and make sure the decorum of the organization is maintained. A manager builds a bridge between the employees and the top-level management. Definition of a manager: According to henry Fayol, “The manager…

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Apptivo Product Updates as of May 27, 2022

Posted on 4:16 am, May 27, 2022 by Creative Team


Welcome back to the feature update blog of Apptivo. In this feature release, we have enhanced some interesting features which make your business productive. Now you have the ability to customize the calculation of item tax and discount for each item/service on the overview page. By using this feature, you can view the line level…

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What is customer satisfaction, and why is it important?

Posted on 10:57 pm, May 26, 2022 by Creative Team


All About Customer Satisfaction 1. Introduction 2. What is customer satisfaction? 3. Why is customer satisfaction important? 4. How can you measure customer satisfaction? 5. Which type of customer satisfaction metrics to use? 6. 3 Simple and Effective Ways to increase customer satisfaction 7. Conclusion Introduction How much do you have to spend to attract…

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CRM for small businesses and How to choose a good CRM.

Posted on 6:41 am, May 18, 2022 by Creative Team


In the age of e-commerce, where everything is purchased online and everything is available at the fingertips of the customer, the greatest asset a business can have is customer relationship. This is because e-commerce has enabled businesses to reach out to customers from vast geographical locations and demographics. Many of them may never even have…

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