What is Lead generation? Types of lead generation,examples and best practices

Posted on 11:29 am, April 8, 2022 by Creative Team


Lead generation is important for businesses today, as it can result in sales and increase the revenue of your business. To be precise, it is the process of attracting the visitors and converting them into potential customers. Acquiring leads is one of the important objectives for any business. Usually, businesses dedicate large resources to lead…

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A complete guide to email marketing, with examples

Posted on 5:41 am, April 6, 2022 by Creative Team

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Email marketing is one of the most popular and comparatively cost-effective methods of marketing in today’s era. Usually, the cost of advertising is calculated with,” how many ads you will buy?” or “What is the cost to advertise n number of times” or otherwise “how much does it cost to advertise during the prime time?”….

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Posted on 10:47 pm, March 29, 2022 by Creative Team

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3 mins read What is a CRM system? A CRM system essentially provides a centralized platform where businesses can store customer and prospect data, track customer interactions, and share this information with colleagues. It allows businesses to grow by managing customer relationships in the most effective way. CRM offers a wide range of benefits for…

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Posted on 4:48 am, March 25, 2022 by Creative Team


CRM is not CRM anymore, it manages sales processes and increases the sales numbers by a significant percentage. You need to view a CRM solution as an effective tool in improving efficiency, boosting sales and turning leads into potential customers. When employed effectively, CRM Software has proved to surge sales, increase productivity, and thereby profitability….

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Apptivo Product Updates as of March 23, 2022

Posted on 5:42 am, March 23, 2022 by Creative Team


What’s New? Apptivo is back with brand new features. Our team is continuously exploring new features and is very innovative towards the enhancement of our product. So who can stop them from paving the way for new features? We always act on customer feedback and aim to assist them with their business by providing advanced…

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Apptivo Product Updates as of March 11, 2022

Posted on 7:52 am, March 11, 2022 by Creative Team


Happy March! We are right back with our newest updates. We constantly update and enhance our tools as our team responds to feedback and are deliberately working towards improvising the features. We are very delighted to inform you all, that we have introduced a brand new feature that would bring added value to your business…

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Apptivo Product Updates as of February 24, 2022

Posted on 12:30 am, February 24, 2022 by Creative Team


Hello! Apptivo’s product upgrades are now available. Apptivo improves its services on a regular basis by adding features, allowing customers to boost their company efficiency by delivering innovative solutions and resources. As a result of client demands and needs, Apptivo has improved some of its existing capabilities and introduced new ones. The following are the…

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Benefits Of CRM In Hospitality Industry

Posted on 11:26 pm, February 13, 2022 by Creative Team


Customer service is an important aspect of the hospitality industry. In fact, one can state that customer service is synonymous with the hospitality industry. As a significant part of the services industry, focusing on customer service in the hospitality industry is poignant for meticulous planning, more incoming customers, and increased customer satisfaction. The hospitality industry…

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What Are Inventory Management Solutions? – Apptivo

Posted on 9:20 pm, February 13, 2022 by Creative Team


Inventory management is an essential process for the successful management of the supply chain. Unless the process is organized, it is difficult for the supply chain teams and employees to achieve the desired results within the stipulated time. It is essential to learn to manage the inventories to run a successful business. It is well…

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Apptivo Mobile Release Updates as of February 08, 2022 – iOS All-In-One Mobile App: v6.3.12

Posted on 8:13 pm, February 8, 2022 by Creative Team

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We are pleased to announce the product upgrades for our iOS application. The newest version 6.3.12 is powered with advanced features that leave no stone unturned in offering an exceptional user experience. In addition to enhancing our existing features, we have also focused on optimizing our application. Apptivo – All-In-One iOS App Updates – v6.3.12…

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