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What is the best business software for Clothing Stores

Certainly, Apptivo is a cloud business management software suite offering 65+ business apps to all types of companies but some of our apps are not suitable for your company. Let’s elaborate on how our apps can be used in a clothing store.

Clothing Industry Business Flow

Clothing performs an essential role in every individual, and it completely depends on the physical requirement and culture. So the customer walks into the clothing store, they can select their clothes in the wide range and pick the one they wish. For the purchase of the clothes, the customer’s details have to be validated first, then the availability needs to be checked in the inventory. Once everything is finalized, the invoice can be generated to the customer and the transaction is tracked in the store ledger for the final review. To track all these, they need cloud software that should do all these at one go. Below are the Apptivo apps that are used widely in clothing shops.

CRM Solution

Customers: The Customers app is used to track the customer’s name, address, phone number & email to reach them for any requirements.


Cases: So, if the customer details are validated in the system, they will get an option to give feedback about that store and that can be handled under the Cases app.

Supply Chain Solution

Orders – Orders app is used to record the orders of the clothes that you wish to supply from your suppliers.


Inventory Management – You can have track of your clothing items for your business and gives you the quantity list.

Suppliers – The Suppliers app helps to load the supplier information on who supplies the clothes to this store. We can have all the details in one app so that they can be contacted for any further orders.

Financials Solution

Invoices – The Invoice app helps to track the invoices that you have rendered to your customers. Here, you can have a view of paid and unpaid invoices.


Ledger: This app helps to record the financial transactions that conclude with the profit or loss of the clothing business.

Also, depending on your business size and organization, you also might be interested in these app categories.

Marketing: The Marketing app helps to promote your clothing shop in your industry.

Human Resources: The Human Resources app is used to track the database of all the employees and their holidays.

Other Similar Business Types:

The above-mentioned apps can also be adapted for the other types of business like,

Fashion Store

Shoe store

Clothes Shop

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