Release Updates for May 05, 2018 – CRM, Financials, Supply Chain

Posted on 1:38 am, May 14, 2018 by


Hello! Glad to meet you all again with the first set of feature updates for the month of May! Scroll below for a full list of feature updates and enhancements, which were deployed on May 05, 2018. Automatic Currency Conversion IN Operator in the Property Association Table Supplier Section in Orders App View Builder in…

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Release Updates for April 27, 2018 – CRM & Collaboration

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Hello everybody! Happy to meet you all through this blog. We think a great deal of you and accordingly, we continue taking off new highlights and upgrades each week. Read about our latest item updates and releases and figure out how to make utilization of those in your business. Contact Center App Call Log –…

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Release Update for April 21, 2018 – CRM, Financials & Collaboration

Posted on 5:50 am, May 11, 2018 by


With our aim in making your work life simpler, more pleasant and more productive, we at Apptivo, are excited in announcing the list of feature updates and enhancements that were addressed and deployed on April 21, 2018. Multi Select drop down support Work Orders App – Line Level Pricing Call Log – Added new fields…

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Release Notes for April 07, 2018 – Financials, CRM, Marketing & Collaboration

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Hello, everybody! Welcome back to What’s New in Apptivo. Before we begin we’d like to inform you that Apptivo What’s New posts are gonna get a makeover for the best. In the past, the posts used to include all the little tweaks and bug fixes. Now, we’ve decided to cover only the features and changes…

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MOBILE RELEASE NOTES ON March 31, 2018 – iOS All-In-One APP

Posted on 11:28 pm, May 3, 2018 by

iOS mobile release march 31, 2018

We, at Apptivo, are happy in sharing the latest feature updates and enhancements which were deployed on April 03, 2018. Keep yourself updated with our feature enhancements. Find below the list of features, which were worked on in the last release: iOS All-In-One App Updates Projects App Create Projects View & Edit Projects Create &…

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Release Notes for March 17, 2018 – CRM, Supply Chain, Financials, Marketing & Collaboration

Posted on 5:17 am, March 22, 2018 by


We are happy to announce the feature updates and release of new features in Apptivo, which were deployed on March 17, 2018. Become more acquainted with the most recent features and keep yourself refreshed on what’s new in Apptivo. The following are the list of features which were released on, in the last deployment: Contacts…

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Mobile Release Notes on March 12, 2018 – Windows CRM App

Posted on 10:20 pm, March 18, 2018 by


We at Apptivo are happy to announce that a huge list of features have been deployed in the last release on March 12, 2018 which are much worth to the point. The following are the list of new features which have been deployed on this release. Windows update CRM 360 degree view Duplication Rules Homepage…

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Posted on 9:34 pm, February 27, 2018 by


We’re happy to announce the updates which have been released on February 24, 2018, as well as some fresh and new enhancements, rolled out throughout the App. Look at the points of interest underneath, to find what we have for you in this Mobile update iOS Update CRM Multi Select Drop Down Sectional Visibility Dependency…

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Release Notes for February 17, 2018: Financials, Supply Chain & Collaboration

Posted on 8:25 pm, February 21, 2018 by


We, at Apptivo, are glad in sharing the feature updates and enhancements which were deployed on February 17, 2018. Find below the list of features, which were worked on in the last release. Implemented Bill of Materials in the Invoices App Item value based on UOM (Unit of Measure) category in Invoices App Status drop…

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Why a Unified Software Tool Is a Business Essential

Posted on 10:38 pm, February 13, 2018 by


Without streamlined software, you’ll quickly find yourself in over your head. Think about the last time you went out to eat at a restaurant. You sit at the table and order your food. The server writes it down and goes to the back to input your order into the system, where the cooks in the…

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