How do I export all of my leads from Apptivo?

Posted on 5:59 pm, May 8, 2012 by Todd Miner

Export Leads from Apptivo For the purpose of reporting and showcasing, you must have the capacity to send out your information consistently. As well as taking a backup of all the qualified leads on a regular basis is the most essential step for your business, and Apptivo’s export feature is quite an effective one! Apptivo…

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What are Items of Interest in the Opportunities App?

Posted on 11:15 am, April 18, 2012 by kdevarakonda


The Question: I am using the Apptivo CRM apps for my sales process, and noticed the “Items of Interest” tab is present for viewing one of my opportunities. What is this tab for, and how can I use it? The Answer: The “Items of Interest” feature is designed for companies who are selling a physical…

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What happens when I convert a lead, why should I use this feature?

Posted on 11:14 am, April 18, 2012 by kdevarakonda


The Question: I have been managing my leads using Apptivo, and I just noticed the “Convert” button. What does converting a lead do, is this a feature I need? The Answer: Lead conversion is actually a major component of the Apptivo CRM applications.  A lead is just the first stage of the sales process, and…

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How much information do I need to create a sales lead?

Posted on 11:12 am, April 18, 2012 by kdevarakonda


The Question: I actively purchase lists of leads from information providers, but only receive minimal data on each lead (name, number, and sometimes company/address). Is this sales lead information enough to create a new sales lead? If not, what else lead details do I need? The Answer: A name and number are plenty enough in…

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How much customization can I do with the Leads App?

Posted on 11:11 am, April 18, 2012 by kdevarakonda


The Question: I’ve started using the Leads App, but I haven’t done any sort of configuration. Could someone explain how to configure the app, and what might help me manage my leads better? Any help is appreciated! The Answer: The leads app has several groups of configuration settings that allow you to adjust the way…

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